12 years on…

It's been 12 years since my TED Talk 'Do Schools kill Creativity?'

To date it has been viewed online more than 40 million times in over 160 countries. I’ve heard from people of all ages who tell me they’ve given up living for the weekend to follow their passion; with educators who’ve felt empowered to change their schools or start new ones; parents who say they’ve come to a deeper understanding of their children’s diverse talents and abilities; companies that have transformed the way they operate and many more. I love to hear these stories because they show how deeply these principles resonate in people’s lives and how transformative they can be.

As this is the 11th anniversary of that first talk at TED, I thought I'd collect as many of these stories as I can and share some of them more widely. If you’re willing, please fill out the form below. It won't take long - it's only meant to be a snapshot of your story: a trailer rather than the whole movie! I look forward to learning from your experiences.


Tell me what effect my 2006 TED Talk 'Do School's Kill Creativity?' has had for you… (3000 characters max)*

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