The Dynamics of Creativity

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Do you know, there’s an app that turns your iPhone into a harmonica? When the iPhone was launched in July 2008, there were about 800 apps. Five years later, there are over 775,000. Some of these apps have launched whole new businesses. Most of them weren’t anticipated by Apple when they designed the iPhone. They […]

Ideas for modern living: passion

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I was asked by the Observer newspaper in the UK to contribute a 280 word piece on passion to the regular series on Life Lessons. Here it is:

Sir Ken Robinson -  Ideas for modern living: passion

Make the most of whatever it is that floats your boat…

It was Jeremy Bentham, I believe, who said there are two types of people in this world: those who divide the world into two types and those who do not. Well, these days I do. On the one hand, I’m constantly surprised by how many people settle for so little fulfilment in their lives, who endure their lives rather than enjoy them. On the other, I know people who simply love what they do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. “This isn’t what I do,” they say, “this is who I am.” There are people in every walk of life for whom this is true: people who are in their element. Being in your element involves doing something for which you have a natural aptitude. But it’s more than that: it’s about passion. You have to love it, too …

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