These days, I divide my time between research and writing, projects and partnerships, speaking and events.



Most of my work and research is related to three main themes.

We are living in times of revolution.

I mean this literally, not figuratively. Humanity now faces challenges that are unprecedented in our history. These challenges are being driven by many interacting forces. They include the exponential rate of technological change, the massive shifts in population, and our unsustainable demands on the earth’s resources. My interests, which I share with many others, are in understanding the nature of these challenges and the strategies we can adopt to meet them.

We need to think differently about ourselves

Human resources are like the earth’s natural resources. They are highly diverse and often buried deep beneath the surface. They need to be discovered, refined and applied. Education often promotes a narrow view of ability, as do many corporate organizations. As a result, many people are unaware of the variety of their talents and depth of their potential. My interests are in understanding the diversity of human intelligence and creativity and the processes that best cultivate them.

We need to think differently about our organizations

Many of our institutions evolved in earlier times to meet different needs than those we face now.  Many of them are failing the people they’re meant to serve and the energies of those who work in them. If we’re to have fulfilled lives as individuals and meet the challenges we face collectively, we have to create the conditions in our schools, communities and organizations for people to flourish. My interests are in understanding these conditions and how to create them.  



My writing on these themes has included curriculum resources, journalism, research and strategy reports, edited books, chapters in other people’s books and my own books. Click the Read tag for details of some recent publications.

I’m currently working on a new book on education for parents, which is due for publication in Fall 2017.